Eight semester - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Eight semester

Strategic Management is a course aimed at helping students develop their strategic thinking capabilities in order to successfully lead an organization. Other goals of this course include teaching students how to evaluate strategic alternatives, to anticipate and manage strategic change. Participants of this course will develop their strategic thinking skills to such an extent that they will be applicable when analyzing dynamic and complex business situations, as well as when implementing their main business ideas. Also, this course will help students better understand competitive forces in the context in which their organization operates, and will have a special emphasis on maintaining a superior competitive position. Strategic leadership and entrepreneurship will also be analyzed though the position of corporate culture and values.

Managing a company means much more than managing resources, structures, and machines. Modern managers also need to know how to manage people, which are often considered to be the most valuable resource any company possesses. Through this course, students will learn about the importance of tying an organization’s approach to human resource management to its strategy and resource planning efforts. Students will also be introduced to different methods of recruitment, selection, and employee education, while the course will also touch upon the subjects of wages, rewarding employees, motivation, measuring effectiveness, etc. This course also lays a theoretical foundation for any students wishing to specialize in HRM in ZSEM’s MBA Program – ZSEM’s HRM MBA Specialization we recently declared the best in Eastern Europe by Eduniversal.

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management is not only aiming to educate future business people and economic experts, but also transfer ethical values to students that will make them responsible business professionals. This course will develop their sensitivity to immoral actions in the business world and encourage them to proactively engage in ethically and socially responsible behavior. Through working on case studies, students will encounter ethical problems and will learn how the value system of an organization affects its long-term profits and losses. Upon completion of this course, students will have the necessary knowledge to make decisions when dealing with ethical dilemmas, taking into account all factors that affect the sphere in which the business takes place.

ZSEM views this course as providing essential skills for its graduates to lead the innovative organizations of tomorrow. This course is aimed at developing inter-disciplinary business planning skills for ZSEM students enrolled in their last year of study as well as foreign exchange students. The approach helps individuals identify strengths and develop an entrepreneurial mindset for application in either management or self-employment career options.

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