Internship - Zagreb School of Economics and Management


Internship in Croatia

One of the obligations ZSEM students have is to complete Internship during the 4-year study program. Students can personally find the company in which they wish to complete their Internship, or they can seek assistance from ZSEM’s Career Center.

The educational goal and the purpose of redefining the internship is to prepare students for practical engagement in a work settings where they will be rewarded for their work in the amount that their employer shall determine. Educational outcomes include practical experience through students’ work and introduction of students to the trends and strategies of business, and the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge and professional skills, as well as to build positive work habits.


Internship abroad

There is also an opportunity to go abroad for an internship, which adds to the competitive edge of each student. Internships abroad usually last from two months to up to one year, arming students with excellent experience for the subsequent permanent employment. Internship programs are completely adjusted to the international senior-year students and graduates and they cater to their needs by providing them with their first employment experience and with many opportunities to master their skills. We have prepared many such opportunities this year, too, including the offers for international internships and for counseling and workshops within the Career Center.

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