Studying at ZSEM - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Studying at ZSEM


ZSEM’s professors are highly respected individuals and among best Croatian business leaders and economic experts. Most of our teachers have had at least one of their qualifications from abroad, mostly from Western Europe or United States of America. Also, many of our teachers work in real businesses, apart from teaching at ZSEM, which is beneficial for our students. That is because their teachers have practical knowledge and experience they share in class.


ZSEM is a leading business school in Croatia regarding IT in class. Our educational model relies on two parts – classic, ex cathedra teaching inside the classroom, and e-learning system – done through our IT platform. Learning Management System (LMS) offers our students direct access to all lectures, exercises, case studies and other materials. via this system, our students can directly communicate with their professors and colleagues either by e-mail or virtual communication panel. Each course has its own „page“ which offers students and teachers option to grade one another. E-learning makes a big part in ZSEM’s education: 150 courses have been developed to function via LMS. ZSEM’s professors have published over 50 articles on the topic of e-learning – in conferences and publications all over the globe.


The best economic and business administration literature is included in tuition fee. Our students don’t have to rely on copies of books, but use brand new and packed literature written by world’s leading economic authors. Same books are also being used in many universities worldwide – giving our students same knowledge as their international colleagues have. That makes an international exchange process a lot easier. ZSEM campus includes library „Juraj Habdelić“, well equipped with publications of domestic and foreign economic authors and writers.

Peer tutor classes

None of the student should leg behind its colleagues. Each course has its peer tutor – a student who teaches (revises) his or her selected course to other fellow students – individually or in groups. Peer tutors are intended for students who experience difficulties in certain areas. Peer tutors have had excellent grades in the subjects they are teaching and all have been selected for this role by their professor.

SPOT program

Becoming a student in a new environment and new city can be exciting, but also a teasing experience. To many students and their parents, this is a time to face difficulties of moving to a new place, adapting to new environment, and, eventually, finding one’s path in an exciting student life. Because of that, ZSEM has come up with an interesting service that would make first year a lot easier to new students and their parents – a SPOT program. (In Croatian, SPOT: Students help, guide, train). Each first year student has been granted with an older student-mentor, who is simply there to answer all questions. These older students are also there to support and teach their younger fellow colleagues. We are proud that many freshmen, through this program, have higher chances of being more academically successful and have met new friends.

Students’ rights

Students enrolled in undergraduate studies enjoy all their rights. They are provided with an X-card – Croatian student card which is an official document for students of the Republic of Croatia. X-cards offers students many benefits, such as eating at subsidized prices at students’ restaurants (menzas). It also discounts public transportation, offers tax reliefs, family insurance, health insurance etc. (provjeriti točnost ovog).

Students’ Center (Cro. Studentski centar) is a central place for students and offers them many advantages, such as working through student contracts. Students can also live in student homes, given their rights have been met. This whole process begins with sending required documents to the Students’ center in Savska Street 25.

Sports at ZSEM

People who do sports professionally often think of their education as well. ZSEM offers high quality program adapted to all students who do sports professionally and actively. This program is made up for those students who cannot attend regular class due to trainings and their sports career. Our E-learning platform is a perfect ground to high quality learning and is therefore perfect for sportsmen to make up what they have missed in class. At ZSEM currently study around 20 sportsmen who do different sports: 25 categorized sportsmen, 15 state champions and a few medal winners from world and European championships, as well as the Universiade. Around 5% of ZSEM students does sports on daily basis. ZSEM students represented Croatia in the last two winter and summer Universiades, as well as Olympic games in London, in 2012.

Students’ organizations and associations

Student option – main organization of ZSEM students. Its main aims are promote (promicanje?) students’ interests, and the promotion of the School itself. It does that by organizing projects participated by students. These help in the development of the School.

Students’ sports association – Students’ sport association combines more than 350 students who share love to sports. Through this association, ZSEM students have participated in numerous competitions and have won many medals.

Sixsigma – Students’ journal club of ZSEM each year releases new ZSEM magazine Sixsigma. If you are creative, want to express your opinion, or simply participate in the making of Croatia’s leading student’s magazines, you’re welcome to join our journal club.

NEXT Junior EnterpriseNEXT is the first and only Junior Enterprise in Croatia and in this part of Europe. It is run by a team of students and it offers a wide range of consulting services for “real” companies. NEXT mission is to bring together a team of creative and innovative students that will bring improvement to the clients through dedicated work. By working on challenging projects and with successful companies, students have a great networking opportunity as well as gaining valuable work experience. Students are also improving their personal and professional skills which will help them make a transition to the business world.

IT club – ZSEM’s IT club brings together all students who share love towards new technologies. They often organize seminars on new technologies, as well as many workshops and presentation on the same topic, sometimes even LAN popular gaming.

Student Management Club – SMC gathers all students who share interest in all fields of management. They often participate in organization of important events for ZSEM, such as Startup Weekend Zagreb.

Student Financial and Investment Club – Have you always been intrigues by finance, but you simply had no place to learn more about it? Would you like to meet students who, like you, share love towards finance? There’s now Students Financial and Investment Club of ZSEM just for you!

Marketing Club „Idea“ – This association organizes workshops related to marketing and participates in organization of projects in collaboration with many other clubs and associations, internal workshops and teamwork on cast studies, etc. Via marketing club you can seek all information on international students completitions in the field of marketing.

What students say about ZSEM?

Vitor Duarte

Professors at ZSEM are great since they resort to several innovative teaching methods, and most of the times I was able to learn from their personal experiences on the market. All of these made me feel very interested in the courses I was taking at the time and made me want to go for further knowledge.

Sid Eshuis

I like best that it's a small school and also the teaching style - during lectures and seminars we work on real case studies. There's not too much theory and everything is very practice oriented, which is very different from my university back home.

Karolina Hajman

Knowing that ZSEM has the AACSB accreditation and 4 Palmes of Excellence, I really expected a lot out of it when applying, such as high quality education. I can say that ZSEM has surprised me. The professors are really helpful, the classes are small so there is a one-to-one relationship, and academic wise the lectures are interesting. Having a lot of international students makes the experience even better.

Shoukri Joukhadar

I chose ZSEM when I moved to Croatia from Syria. I could not speak the language and had to choose a school with lectures in English. I found ZSEM to be the best Business school in Croatia and the AACSB accreditation definitely strengthened my decision. Country: Syria Institution: Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Among top 5% of best business schools in the world

ZSEM among 200 of best schools in the world, among 60 of best in Europe

Leader in educating HR specialists