Juraj Vojnovic - Zagrebačka škola ekonomije i managementa

Juraj Vojnovic

„ I spent great four months as an exchange student in Spain at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. UC3M is ranked as first in undergraduate degrees in Business administration among public and private universities in Spain. I decided to go on exchange program because I wanted to improve my English, to meet new people and different cultures and also to feel how is studying abroad looks like. I chose Spain, because of its great climate and their more relaxed way of living. Studying on UC3M was a little bit different because we had many assignments and teamworks to do, and less midterms. At the end of the class were final exams which include whole course material. Professors are good quality, very kind and generous and ready to help you. So, I can say I had really good experience at UC3M. I was staying at student residence located near UC3M. I made so much friendships with great people, learned a lot and surelly had the best time in my life. I would recommend to all students to go on exchange program, because you will have amazing and great moments, have chance to improve your language skills, meet a lot of new people and also have chance to see attractive places. All my positive expectations have achieved. So, if you have a chance to go somewhere on exchange program, I think you should definitely go, because it is perfect and unforgettable experience“.

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